How a PWA Benefits You

  • Increase Engagement with ALL Customers
  • Decreased Development & Maintenance Costs
  • Combines Your Website and a Mobile App
  • Offline Usage & Notifications
  • Awesome Speed and Performance
  • Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PWA Features and Benefits

Choosing a Progressive Web App for your business is a great way to increase business and decrease costs.

Responsive Design

PWA's are device responsive ensuring usability for all users across all devices

Hassle Free Updates

PWA updates are fast, efficient and won't interrupt your users with requests to download the latest version

Seamless Operation

Users have a seamless experience whether connected to the internet or not

Optimized Design

PWA's are developed and optimized to ensure fast and consistent performance no matter the content being served

App Screenshots

Imagine a Progressive Web App designed and engineered around your business and branding. Get Started Today!


Starbucks Daily User Increase with PWA


Pinterest Ad Revenue Increase with PWA


Twitter Lite Bounce Rate Decrease with PWA


Forbes Magazine User Sessions Increase with PWA

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PWA Quick Overview

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is the smart choice to take your business to the next level!

Awesome User Experience

PWA's are optimized and create a better experience for your users.

  • Optimized and minimized code for faster load times
  • Cached assets for almost instant loading
  • App like feel without using the App Store
  • Offline functionality
  • More focus on mobile functionality and design

Device Responsive

Built with a mobile first methodology PWA's adapt to all screen sizes.

  • Adapts to any screen size
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Enhanced UI/UX
  • Decreased load times


Multiple options for users to engage with your App.

  • Can be listed in App Stores
  • Can be downloaded from the browser
  • Browser downloads are smaller than apps from the native app stores, saving space for your users.
  • Easily shared and improve SEO

Increased User Engagement

PWA's see improvements in analytics and user engagement across all industries.

  • Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • After building their PWA, Starbucks saw a 100% increase in daily users
  • Trivago saw a 97% increase in clickouts to hotel offers
  • Pinterest saw engagements increase by 60%, Ad revenue increase by 44% daily, and time on site increased by 40%

Cost Effective

A PWA is your website, not your website with a standalone native mobile app.

  • The cost to build and maintain a PWA is significantly lower
  • Decreased development time compared to building a website and standalone mobile app
  • Maintenance costs can be reduced by 50%, as you update your website the PWA reflects those changes

Get listed in the App Stores

PWA's are extremely flexible and can be accepted in the App Stores or users can download your app right to their device from any browser. Contact us today to learn more.

PWA By Industry

Progressive Web Apps are in use by companies from every industry. From restaurants to start-ups to ecommerce, businesses are turning towards PWA's to increase their market share and revenue.

About PWA Studio

PWA Studio is a service of Web Services Inc., a leading application development company based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Founded in 1996 Web Services Inc. designs, develops, hosts, and manages complex web based software applications for B2B and B2C Organizations.

We're a team of five and serve over 100,000 customers across the United States and abroad. Our focus is on complex applications including Subscription Solutions, Digital Content Delivery, API Programming, Transactional Email, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), Blockchain/Crypto, and complete SaaS Applications. The more complex the better.

As Professional Full-Stack Developers with over 20 years experience you can expect an awesome experience and un-paralleled service whether we're working alone or with a team. We believe in concepts like communication, responsiveness, respect, transparency, flexibility, leadership, results, and most importantly above and beyond service.

Our purpose is to help our customers reach and exceed their goals and build long-term relationships in the process.

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